— New apparel brand that has been sweeping the nation has already been featured in some of the most prominent fashion magazines and media outlets.


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[geoip_detect2 property=”city”], [geoip_detect2 property=”mostSpecificSubdivision”] — Last week, a box of t-shirts was brought into our office. Needless to say, we have an office full of self-proclaimed immaculate dressers and “fashionistas”. So when this random box of t-shirts was delivered, it was immediately met with a gang of side-eyes.

So I decided to take the plunge. I grabbed a box cutter from the warehouse downstairs and cracked the box open. What I found inside of that box, on that day, was absolutely stunning! I swear, when I peeled the top of the box open, it felt like I had just discovered the holy grail of apparel. I knew immediately that I was looking at the next big apparel brand. I removed the first t-shirt from the box.

Everyone in the office began to notice the excitement radiating off of me; and before I knew it, the entire office had the box and I surrounded. All of a sudden, everyone wanted to know more about what they were looking at. “Who made these???” “Where did they come from???” “What is ‘The Selected Few’???”

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“Our little space in the universe built on creativity and design. Only The Selected Few granted access.”

The Selected Few is more than just an apparel company. Its a way of life. Your body is your personal canvas. What you put on your body reflects how you feel. It represents you. Those who have donned The Selected Few’s fashion has felt a sense of esteem and self-regard. With innovative designs, their apparel embodies uniqueness while actually saying something. Each piece of clothing makes its own statement.

Because of their attention to detail, The Selected Few has been officially dubbed “The Coolest Brand Of T-Shirts In [geoip_detect2 property=”mostSpecificSubdivision”].” Let’s dive into some of their latest products.

Non-Toxic Black Tee

The word “toxic,” as an adjective is defined as causing unpleasant feelings; being harmful or malicious. In a year where the world has been presented with so much darkness, now is the perfect time to show the world your light. Debunk any myths of being a non-toxic member of society with this “Non-Toxic” Premium tee.

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Embrace Your Destiny Tee

We all have our divine purpose … What we are put on this earth to do. Embrace it. The “Embrace Your Destiny” Premium tee reminds everyone to take life by the reigns and ride it on out to the fullest extent.

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Also Available In White:

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Fortune Favours the Bold White Logo Tee

The Latin phrase “fortis Fortuna adiuvat” loosely translates to “Fortune Favours the Bold” in English. Jay-Z once said, “A wise man once told me that luck (or fortune) isn’t some mystical energy that dances around the Universe randomly bestowing people with satisfaction and joy. You create your own luck.” Create your own fortune in this “Fortune Favours the Bold” Premium tee with The Selected Few logo graphic.

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Respect My Social Distance Tee

With everything that’s going on in the world, it is important to respect one’s social distance…but that doesn’t mean you have to distance them socially. Love one another. The “Respect My Social Distance” Premium tee is available now.

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Also Available In Black:

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You Should Know

Due to extremely high online demand, we don’t know how long The Selected Few’s Premium Tees will be in stock. But you can check availability here.

During their unprecedented, limited-time Flash Sale, these popular tees are selling for ONLY $9.99! So it’s a good time to get them at a discounted price. If you want to make sure that you are a part of The Selected Few’s movement, then jump on this offer today! It has our vote so much that we made sure that everyone on our staff had at least 4!

The Selected Few: The Hottest New Apparel Brand

For now, The Selected Few is [geoip_detect2 property=”mostSpecificSubdivision”]’s best kept secret. But we GUARANTEE you that the apparel brand will not be a secret for much longer.

Now, all you have to do is get your hands on one of their products — and it’s never been easier.

  1. Get your Premium Tees from the official website here.
  2. Delivery within [geoip_detect2 property=”city”] will take a few days.
  3. Once it arrives, you are now an official part of the movement.
  4. Make sure to spread the word of The Selected Few’s movement to others!

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As of The Selected Few is still offering an incredible limited time deal. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering all t-shirts site-wide at a discounted price of $9.99. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.


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